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Consultations for Living Well 
Jenny Suzumoto, MA
Tarot Workshops
In my Tarot Workshops we focus on themes such as relationships, work, creativity, what might be hindering us, our deepest longings and aspirations. We tend to look in depth at a particular card, at other times we choose cards and let them ‘speak’ to us of what arises. The groups are small, no more than 8, to allow in depth exploration for each participant. 

The workshops include meditation and guided visualization as well as experiential exploration of the cards. Drawing on the collective wisdom of the group we study a card, sharing reactions, intuitions and insights. There is also a tarot spread that everyone works on for themselves with time for questions and answers.  

These workshops are designed to also teach you how to read the tarot for yourself and others. 

An exploration of the Tarot with a kindred community, such as happens in my workshops, yields gifts of insight, understanding, nourishment, clarity, laughter, connection… so many things! My goal is to give you resources and tools to empower you on your own unique life’s journey and teach you how to use the tarot as a powerful and amazing tool for guidance, support and inspiration. Even in difficult periods, which arise in every life at times, the Tarot can help us by revealing the deeper meaning of our challenges and unearthing the gifts so often buried in our darkness.  

I currently offer tarot workshops 4 times a year, at the change of the seasons and per request. 

Tarot is a mirror that invites our projections and through this process we begin to see through our projected hopes and fears into the deeper river of the Self and reality. Used wisely the tarot invites us to embrace every aspect of who we are - our magnificence and our smallness, our sensitivity and our ruthlessness, our animal earthiness and our highest transcendence. The Tarot reveals that we are more mysteriously full of potential than we ever imagined.
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