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Consultations for Living Well 
Jenny Suzumoto, MA
Tarot can take you step by step on the greatest journey of them all – into the full reality of yourself, one aspect of psyche at a time, until you fall in love with the magnificence of your true self.
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Within each one of us lies an infinite reservoir of aliveness; the tarot helps us connect with our full remarkable reality. And this is far more than we think it is. For the terrain of the Self is the terrain of landscape. We are jungle and haven, starlit night and cloud-filled sky.

The traditional tarot holds within its 78 cards, pictures of human experience, archetypal beings, and cosmic landscape that offer profound guidelines for living a meaningful life. I use the tarot to connect with our innate wellspring of wisdom, nourishment and guidance - and I want to show you how. 

Our wild passions and dreams, our deep vulnerabilities and fears, our magnificence and our frailties, all are reflected in the Tarot’s ancient wisdom. And learning to read the Tarot is a potent tool for creating a deeply fulfilled life.

One of the beauties of the traditional tarot is that no aspect of yourself is excluded from the party.