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Consultations for Living Well 
Jenny Suzumoto, MA
Tarot Consultations

I draw on my intuition, my background in counseling, spiritual direction and knowledge of the Tarot; you bring your knowledge of yourself and your own unique hopes and fears. We then journey together through wherever the cards may take us. I may use an ancient tarot spread or we may be more spontaneous and in the flow of the moment; it all depends on your own unique needs.

​My goal is to connect you with yourself on a deeper level, and to leave you inspired with ideas to implement, resources to use and powerful tools to work with to enrich and fulfill your life in whatever dimensions are needed. Whatever may be the original inquiry, whether about work, family, relationships or spiritual fulfillment, my focus is always on your empowerment to find your own truth and your own unique path through life. The Tarot is a fantastic tool to facilitate and support this. 

An individual tarot reading gives you the opportunity to explore deeply particular issues and/or explore your life as a whole. I do not simply read the cards while you remain passive; a tarot reading is an experiential journey involving both of us. This is why I work with a person for two hours. As you can imagine, this is invariably revealing on many levels!

I use the tarot to fuel your life with inspiration, well-being and loving direction. My primary focus is to befriend the self, befriend life and connect with the love of existence. 
I look at the landscape of your life, the atmosphere of your terrain, and the climate you are in. I am interested in what your heart longs for. 
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