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Consultations for Living Well 
Jenny Suzumoto, MA
Spiritual Direction is an invitation to explore the realm of spirit in a profoundly personal way. The primary intention is to cultivate our ever-deepening relationship with the Divine. I protect and hold a safe and supportive space that enables you to explore your own unique journey into the great mystery. I help you discover the invisible realms that are vital for our well-being and the health of our souls.​
Silent Sanctuary
Amidst the joyful and suffering world
The angst of peace and conflict
The ups and downs of emotion
The delights and pain of body 
The relentless noise of mind
There is a wellspring of spacious silence
Ever present, unwavering, steadfast
Quietly calling us to stop a while
And discover that we are okay… each one of us
Even when it does not seem okay, or feel okay…
Silence holds us in Her loving arms and teaches us
That we are more than okay
When we open to Her, She is unfailing in
Her offerings of restoration and sustenance
And through befriending Her we befriend ourselves
Discovering Her silent wellspring within
We find the key to authentic freedom
No matter the circumstances of our precious life
- Jenny Suzumoto, 2012
 © 2016 Jenny Suzumoto All Rights Reserved